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Higher Learning

Work on Anne’s master’s thesis is going well until her world is spun off its axis by the stunningly beautiful and very sexy Leslie. Interviewing this woman about her sexual history is turning into an exquisite form of sensual torture, but somehow Anne can’t find it in herself to stay away. On top of that, Leslie’s scorching kisses and electrifying caresses bring long-buried feelings and painful memories to the surface. And it doesn’t help that Anne’s boyfriend Michael is willing to let Anne do a little experimentation.


Anne’s obsession with Leslie begins to spiral out of control, affecting both her work and her relationship with Michael, until all that remains is a possibility that Anne both craves and fears. But not everything is as it seems and it turns out Anne’s not the only one keeping secrets

Lovely Audiobook


They call me Lovely. But I know I am not.

Once I had another name. Now, as Angelique, I do what I can to please les messieurs. What would they say if they knew I felt no pleasure? To them I am wanton, insatiable. I alone know the truth.

So I am mystified by my reaction to my latest caller. Alexandre. Handsome. Well-bred. With an air of innocence that intrigues me. And true pain in his eyes. A mere kiss on the hand inflames me as never before. In moments this man disconcerts me like no other, and soon I can think of nothing, no one else. And yet, he barely touches me.

I know my true purpose is to mend his wounds, but I wonder what lustful appetites are buried deep within him. I will do what I can to discover his secrets…

Sweet Tart

Office romances are a big ol’ no-no for Abigail Duncan, once badly burned by a workplace fling. Since then, she’s sworn off men in general and especially those she works with.


It’s a damn shame because Abbie’s coworker Sebastian McCallum is the hottest thing she’s ever seen—and he’s completely off limits! But when her best friend Mimi throws a “naughty edibles” party and Seb turns out to be one of the guests, Abbie decides that, coworker or not, Seb is on the evening’s menu.


Dirty candy is the order of the day and Abbie learns it’s okay to take chances in lust and love.

Shrink Wrap Anthology (print)(incl. Seeing is Believing)

Seeing is Believing (e-book)
Book 2 in the Shrink Wrap series.

Jessie LaFontaine is haunted — literally. By a one-hundred-seventy-seven-year-old ghost with a high libido and a nasty habit of transferring her naughty urges toward sexy men to Jessie. Desperate to get rid of her specter for good, Jessie follows the advice of a curiously knowledgeable cabbie and pays a visit to a parapsychologist. Problem is, Dr. Nicholas Federov is the studly hunk Jessie got down and dirty with at a nightclub, thanks to the amorous apparition. To make matters worse, Nicholas wants Jessie just as badly as she still wants him.

Who knew getting rid of a ghost could be so hard…or feel so good?

Virtuosity (in Ellora’s Cavemen: Dreams of the Oasis IV)
Three years after the wrongful death of her husband during a mission to an alien planet’s surface, Commander Dillon Walker is still wrought with guilt. Seeking an escape and a lover’s touch, yet not willing to open her heart to a traditional new relationship, Dillon turns to the virtual world of the HoloSuite. Aidan satisfies her beyond her wildest dreams, reawakens her sexual self…but to Dillon’s chagrin, he’s not real. Or is he?