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Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

It’s hard to be the anchor.

You know, the solid, unmovable hunk of metal that keeps the ship from drifting away?

Yeah. That.

It’s not so bad when there’s only one small, spiraling current pulling at you; it’s easy to stand your ground and maintain the status quo.

But when there are two, or even three, of those whirling maelstroms whipping life around you into a fury and threatening to tear you from limb to limb… well, those are the days you dig in your heels and spit out a short prayer to whomever the hell is in charge of piling crap on your head.

Some days it almost feels like it would be better to just let go of that chain, let the boat be sucked away. Let yourself be torn asunder and drowned in the murky waters below.

Or you eat more chocolate and ignore the feeling of your clothing getting tighter.


The latter is, I would think, less painful. And tastier.