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Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

Son of a beehive cheez doodle.

Let me just say that life went to hell in a handbasket at the end of January. My kidlet ended up in the hospital for three weeks, and my life got flipped-turned upside-down.

(She’s okay, so no real cause for concern.)

However, the beginning of my 2014 kinda sucked dead bears. The only good thing is that I have another novella in a new Bat Collective anthology; I’ll get a link posted before another month goes by. :P

It’s taken me ages to get back into my normal home routine; it will take even longer before I can produce another piece of writing. I apologize in advance for the lack of new verbiage. I will add more as soon as is humanly possible.

Sorry I’ve sucked. I didn’t mean to. I’ll try to suck less in the upcoming days.

Please come back again. I’d rather not beg. :/