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I Haz A…Whine?

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

I’m offering you the choice, Gentle Reader, as to whether or not you want to follow me down the hole after this white rabbit of a thought stream. If you decide to click, just be forewarned. It’s grouchy and petulant and … well, whiny.


Waa Waaaaa Waaaa Waa Waaaa*

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

*aka the sound grownups make in the Charlie Brown Peanuts specials.

I was about to say that that’s the only thing you’re hearing from me right now, but… that’s not entirely true, is it? You’re hearing less than that. Okay, how about nothing? Nada? Zip? Zero? Zilch?

Yes, yes. I know you’re smart. I don’t have to belabour the point.

In case you haven’t heard (and you likely haven’t, I think I’ve only talked about it on Twitter, maybe? I ferget…), there’s a NEW STORY COMING! I had the chance to take part in a neat little anthology that a group of us are self-publishing, and it should be live very soon (it’s just currently with our fabulous project co-ordinator, being formatted for publishing). It’ll be available at Amazon and Smashwords, I think. Don’t quote me on that quite yet. I’ll post the legit details as soon as I have them — I promise!

Anyway. Other than that, I don’t have enough frakking hours in a day. ‘Scuse me while I go collapse. :P