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What’s In A Name?

Friday, March 8th, 2013

Hey there! It’s me! You know… Kris. The completely absent one.  Yeah. That.


Well, I’ve been letting a couple of story ideas brew in my head lately, and the biggest challenge I’m suddenly facing is choosing good character names. I mean, when you write erotica, you have to watch what you name people, right? I mean, what if you choose names of people you already know (and I don’t mean that you’re writing about those people, I just mean you’re using their names) and those people end up somehow reading what you wrote? Then they might think you were writing about them.


Or am I just being paranoid?

Maybe I just can’t see myself writing about somebody who has the same name as someone I know. That might be too hard to get past.

I know there are a zillion names out there, but picking the right one can be difficult. Am I the only one with this sticking point??

I’m probably just thinking about this way too much. But can you see yourself writing something naughty about a character who has the same name as your neighbor? Or brother-in-law? Or a friend in your social circle? (Unless you *are* trying to send a message, you naughty person, you!)

Okay, yes. I know. Quit dithering and get to it, already. You got it!