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In Like A Lion?

Friday, February 26th, 2010


The weather outside is really crappy. Blustery, snowy and cold. I don’t want to go anywhere today, except that I’ve got to get groceries and the Offspring has swimming tonight. Oh, it’s fine once the car’s warm and being inside is great…it’s just those outside bits that make life miserable. :P I’m guessing if the old saw is true, March should go out like a lamb. Let’s hope so. I can’t wait for spring — pollen, bugs and all.

Today is a mishmash of errands, some crafty-type activities (I’m going to attempt an applique over a hole in a pair of the Offspring’s pants, plus do a little more on a couple of projects I’ve started), laundry and whatever else comes up through the course of the day.

The weekend will include some fun. B.E. has a curling bonspiel he’s participating in, and I’m going out Saturday night with some of the girls. The Offspring gets a sleepover at her g’parents’ house. Whee!

Next week I’ll have more information about my release with Carina Press, so hopefully I can share some bits with you all. I guess one of these days I’ll need to get my (essentially non-existent) newsletter up and running, too. Promo? What’s that?? *sigh* Oh, well. Day by day is the way to go.

Have a good one, gang, and I’ll catch you on the flip side!

To Sleep, Perchance To…

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010


The last two nights have caused me to wake up in the morning thinking, WTF? Vivid, disturbing nocturnal adventures, whose feelings of dread and confusion carry over into the waking hours.

Bleah. I hate bad dreams. I realize the Junior Peanut has something to do with it all — the excess hormones currently rampaging this poor bod — but it’s not her fault. I just wish they could be happier dreams. Or funnier. Or sexier. Or somethin’.

Faceless strangers pouring gasoline into my car and lighting it on fire just doesn’t make for an uplifting morning, y’know?

Off Track

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Well. Seems my daily routine has gone all akimbo. It’s time to settle in again and work on a project–any project, really–and keep production up.

Unfortunately, today is a bit of a wash as there’s a midwife’s appointment and some running around to be done. So Wednesday it is. Back to routine and flexing the writing muscles.

I just hope I don’t get a cramp. Heh.


Friday, February 19th, 2010


Ladies and Gentlemen, I just spoke with the amazing Angela James at Carina Press. She called to let me know that they would like to acquire my historical erotic novella, “Lovely”!!

W00T! W00T!

Further details will be made public when possible, but for now — pop open this virtual bottle of champers with me and celebrate as I happy Snoopy dance around the house!

Yep. Happy Friday TO ME! :D

A Little More Lighthearted

Friday, February 19th, 2010

Well. Enough of the sobering melancholy of yesterday, right? Time for a laugh — perfect for a Friday morning.

Go here to see the colourful cast of characters who might just be patronizing your local Wal-Mart establishment.

(Seriously. Do none of these people do any sort of reality check? Or did they all bounce??)

WARNING — Graphic Images

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

This was forwarded to me via email. It’s a supremely graphic anti-drinking and driving video from Australia. Perhaps if more people watched this our incidences of alcohol- and drug-related accidents and fatalities would drop.


Not suitable for all viewers. And be prepared to deal with the post-weeping headache like I am.

A Starr Sighting!

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Kinda like ye auld Groundhog, I suppose.

But hopefully better-looking….

Sorry for the absence, Gentle Readers. Yours Truly and Clan buggered off for an extended weekend to the big city of Toronto. It was nice to get away, but it’s nice to be home again, too. This week seems to be flying by already, no surprise there, and I am slowly puttering on miscellaneous crappe around the house.

Nothing new on the radar otherwise, sorry. And am still awaiting responses on both books that are out there and under consideration. Patience, patience, patience. Anyhoo. That’s about all I’ve got to say. I’m off to go run some bleepin’ errands and have lunch out. Whee! Catch you later, Gators.

Little Suzie Craftmaker

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

It is wretched, let me tell you.

Why, do you ask? Well, it’s simply dreadful not having enough hours in a day to do all the things one wants to do. *sigh*

Consider this: some recent Interweebz surfing had me stumbling on uber-cool crafting websites like Dollar Store Crafts (where all supplies can be purchased at a Dollar Store! No, really!) and other blogs like Happy Together and Ruffles and Stuff where these incredibly talented women whip up amazing craft/sewing projects that simply make me ache with longing to do the same thing. (And believe me, I’ve been very careful about following too many links, ’cause there are tons of these blogs/sites out there and I’ll just get sucked into them and never find my way out again.)

Here are the myriad problems, see. A) I don’t have enough time for all of that. Writing, homemaking, cooking, parenting, etc., etc. seem to swallow up huge chunks of the clock. (That, or maybe I’m just horrifically bad at time management. I don’t know.) And B) I don’t have a space in this house to do crafty stuff. Yet. I hope eventually I’ll be able to set up a spot where I can occasionally putter. It’s just not high on the priority list right now. Finally, C) you know, I’m not actually very good at doing that sort of stuff. I’m kinda like a “Jill-of-all-trades” when it comes to being creative in that sense. My attempts tend to look like preschooler art projects more than anything. I can *just barely* sew a straight line with a sewing machine. I can’t paint worth a darn (not anything detailed, anyway). My knitting is relegated to super-simple things like scarves.

I’m a crafter wannabe, that’s what it is.

So the question becomes, do I even dare try to tackle some of these (seemingly) simple projects found online? I don’t know. I guess the thing is to start *really* small and work my way up. Who knows, right? All I do know is I have some things in the basement that *could* be turned into something cool. There are leftover wedding centerpiece supplies and all that that have possibilities. Maybe it’s just about taking another leap of faith and trying. (Yeah, yeah. No Yoda quotes, okay?)

I’ll keep you posted.


Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

From the “I couldn’t make this shit up” Files:

I caught a mention of the phrase “tea potting” on teh Interweebz today and thought, “Gee, what’s that?”

From the Giver of All Knowledge And Power (sorta), aka, Urban

a sexual act performed on a male by a partner (straight or gay). the male fills a tea pot with warm (not hot!) water. he then places his balls into the open top of the tea pot. the partner then blows down the spout of the tea pot causing a jacuzzi effect on the males scrotum. it is then accompanied by a handjob. note: no boiling water or tea bags should be used at any time during this sexual act.

Call me immature, but this made me giggle like a wee schoolgirl for five solid minutes. Who the hell comes up with these ideas?

“Hey, honey, I wanna put my nuts in the teapot with some hot water, and then you blow in the spout to make bubbles, okay?”

It boggles the mind. And makes me hope they’re not using Grandma’s china teapot for this purpose…

A Boot In The Butt

Monday, February 8th, 2010

And not the good, motivating kind, either.

Sorry, gang. Between the horrible, horrible flu bug that attacked me (and stuck me in bed for four days straight), the resulting dehydration headache and exhaustion, and parenting issues (it shouldn’t be the Terrible Twos…more like the Excruciating Eights!) I am so sub-par right now it’ll be work to climb back up to normal.

I am attempting to get back to routine, but it’s not easy at the moment, especially when I tire very quickly and I’m trying not to overdo things (got the Wee Peanut to think about…). As an example, I walked to the local library and post office earlier today and now I have the energy of a wet dishrag. I know it was good to get some fresh air, but I’m wiped. *snort*

Anyway. Life around here is chaotic as usual. I’ll try to be back as soon as I can to update you on all things Starr and/or at least try to entertain a little. No promises.