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Re-Entry’ll Do It To You Every Time

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Ever have one of those days when you realize you’ve been going *way* too hard, for just a bit too long?

Yep. Me, too.

Burnout’s a bitch, ladies and germs. Of course, I’m not saying I hit it full-on, but I got a taste, to say the least. And let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.

So. What’s the bottom line?

The bottom line is I’m taking it easy for the next few days. I’m spending my days away from the Day Job cleaning my bedroom and taking care of some administrative things that I need to look after. Come Monday, the plan is to be back in the saddle. (With or without Mountie.)

I’d like to feel like I’m once again raring to go, y’know? Next week will be good, I’m quite certain. I’ll keep you posted.

Forget The Shot Glass–Give Me The Whole Damned Bottle

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

So. Python is alive and well and still eliciting laughs from the same old Holy Grail jokes.

The trip to the Big Smoke was a lovely opportunity to pretend to be young, carefree and childless for 24 hours.

Damn, it was awesome.

I knew I was home by the way my shoulders tightened after ten minute in the house, but that’s neither here nor there. :P

The weekend is a chaotic whirlwind — the offspring’s birthday party today (relatively smooth; still stressful in the preparation and execution, though). Tomorrow, we are actually going to church in the morning, to another friend’s birthday party at midday, and then out for another offspring birthday dinner in the afternoon.

We’ll be gone from home from about 8:30AM to approximately 8:00-8:30PM.

I’m tired already just thinking about it.


Anyhoo. Life goes on, and what can you do? I’ll catch you all on the flip side, gang. ;)

Welcome To The Castle Anthrax

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

King Arthur: Go and tell your master that we have been charged by God with a sacred quest. If he will give us food and shelter for the night, he can join us in our quest for the Holy Grail.
French Soldier: Well, I’ll ask him, but I don’t think he will be very keen. Uh, he’s already got one, you see.
King Arthur: What?
Sir Galahad: He said they’ve already got one!
King Arthur: Are you sure he’s got one?
French Soldier: Oh yes, it’s very nice!

Ho, boon companions! I wish thee well, as Boy Einstein and yours truly are heading to the Big Smoke to enjoy a wee bit of Spamalot.

Behave yourselves whilst I am gone, and I shall regale you with tales of wonder and excitement when I return!

Pass The Tequila

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

I need something, boy.

Today, I played 18 holes of golf for the Very First Time Ever — on one of the nicest days of fall so far. We had a cart, but I’m still absolutely exhausted. Entirely too much fresh air and sunshine.

Well, okay, the drinks didn’t help, either. But still.

And I know I’ll be sore tomorrow from all the swinging of the club. :P

Then I come home to find out that the Offspring may have another bladder infection, which we’ll have to get looked at tomorrow somehow, because I’m off to the big smoke Thursday and Friday. :(

Dammit, dammit, dammit. When it rains, it pours. Lemme tell ya.

On that note, though, I am going to bed. I was going to try and write some more tonight, but I can barely keep my eyes open. I am D-O-N-E, done.

Catch you all on the flip side.

Didja Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind?

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

I’m having one of those days.

It’s one of those days because I just made up a list of things that all need to be completed and/or taken care of before September 30.

And I’ve got one response to my list: Oh, shit.

Apparently, it’s another case of time running–nay, sprinting–away from me, and I’ve got to figure out just how to keep everything under control before we all start rolling unstoppably down the hill, only coming to rest when we crash painfully into the electric fence. (I like metaphors. Don’t you??)

No worries, right? It’s just a matter of tackling one item at a time. That’s all anyone can do. In the meantime, I’ll be shrieking hysterically in my head.

No problemo!


ps. Happy B-Day to Boy Einstein. :)

All Hope Abandon, Ye Who Enter Here

Friday, September 19th, 2008


Ahoy, mateys! It do be Talk Like a Pirate Day!

We be fergettin’ th’day all the bluidy time, so we’d best be puttin’ some sort o’ reminder in th’calendar, aye?

Prepare to be boarded! Shiver me timbers! Where has all the rum gone?!?

If I had time, I’d watch Pirates tonight… However, that just isn’t going to work into the plans. Oh, well. :P

Beware Ninja Cat!

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

You know, I wasn’t sure what I was going to blog today, and had started thinking of some rather downer-ish topics to address, but then I saw this and I knew it had to live on my blog:


I didn’t just laugh, I LAUGHED. Belly-laughed, even.

This is brilliant. Hat-tip to Doug.

Also, to give myself a daily laugh, I signed up for the email newsletter from I can has cheezburger? — the LOLCats site. Every day, I get a handful of funny LOLCats pictures in my inbox to brighten my day. Everybody needs something to give them the occasional lift. Do you do something everyday to make you happy? What is it?

Time Goes By / So Slowly For Those Who Wait

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

(thanks tons, Madge. It’s in my head now…)

I keep catching myself saying things like, “Oh, if only I had a week of free time…” or “I just need 24 hours…”

But the thing is, what exactly would I do with that time? Am I certain I’d be productive with that block of freedom if I actually had it?

Good question. Part of the problem is being so overwhelmed with choices of things upon which to spend that precious time. That in itself is pretty debilitating.

Then again, it’s all about priorities. I had half an hour tonight that hadn’t been accounted for. I had two choices: I could either work on the new story, or I could spend a short amount of quality time with Boy Einstein.

Considering I hadn’t had a lot of quality time with B.E. over the last week-and-a-half, guess which I chose? :D

It’s a trade-off — B.E. will be unavailable this weekend, so that’s when I’ll be spending time BICHOKing*.

In the meantime, though, I am now off to bed. Rella’s threatening to flatten me like a bug with the might of her squash racquet at the butt-crack of dawn, so I guess I’d better get some rest. Ciao, folks!

*Butt In Chair, Hands On Keyboard (pronounced BICK-HOCK), for those who don’t know the famous acronym… :D

Willpower? What Willpower?

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

Last night I succumbed to temptation.

It was hot. All-encompassing. Wicked. Entirely fantastic.

And eventually I slept like a baby.


As Long As There Are No Blisters

Monday, September 15th, 2008

Well. There you go. The new story is underway. It’s not coming smoothly yet — right now, it’s all about feeling the characters out. Figuring out just who they are, and what they’ve got to say. Eventually getting into the right rhythm.

In a way, it’s almost like wearing a new pair of shoes. The promise of comfort is there, inherent, but at the moment the leather’s still stiff and awkward, and one’s foot doesn’t quite fit 100% properly yet. There’s some stretching and squirming, still to be done.

But that’s okay. It’ll come. I am learning that my brain likes to simmer along on these things, and moments of enlightenment arise when I’m least expecting them. I’ll have to busy myself with some mundane tasks like stuffing envelopes at the Day Job, or hanging/folding laundry at home in order to let my brain do its thing.

Anyway. Tonight was a start, and now I’m off to bed because I can no longer reliably keep my eyelids open.