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Off They Go, Into The Wild Blue Yonder

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

We now interrupt our regularly scheduled life to disappear for a little while — the Offspring and I are crossing the country for a week-long vacation in the lovely Canuckland province of British Columbia.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very excited about this. However, the normal travel-prep chaos has reared its ugly head, and I am now hip-deep in lists. I am also at ye auld Day Job today and tomorrow, and we’re leaving town on Saturday, so Friday is my only real day to run around the city doing last minute crappe.

Stress? Me? Not much. Ha.

As you may also discern, the writing will essentially come to a standstill for that time period. I will throw a notebook and pen into my bag, in the event I am struck with inspiration while away, but no “real” writing is going to be accomplished. :P

So rather than worry about word counts, I am hoping to relax somewhat and refill my creative well, so that upon our return, I can dive into the WiP and just whip it out.

We shall see.

I shall attempt to post on occasion, but the amount of computer time I may be able to steal might be minimal. Again, we shall see.

But until then, it’s back to list-making for me. Hope your day is equally as exciting. :D  

Dear Abby –

Monday, July 28th, 2008

All right, gang. Can you tell me just *how* one is supposed to get up the juice to get going again after falling into a slump?

Well, okay. Maybe not a slump, per se, but definitely a slowdown. It could just be a lack of good-quality sleep lately (in fact, I’m certain that’s definitely a part of it), but when have I had good-quality sleep since before the appearance of the Offspring??

Honestly, lately I feel *dead*. I’ve got no energy, no creativity, no juice. I can’t seem to muster up the enthusiasm to do pretty much anything at the moment.

I have a self-imposed deadline of the end of August to finish the next Quickie I’m going to write. It *should* be enough time…I’d just like to get some spring in my step by August 1st to get me through the month, yanno?

Wish I had the answer. I think part of it is clutter — the bedroom/office is a disaster area right now, and it’s just not conducive to creativity. And maybe I do need to make a point of getting more than 6-7 hours of sleep. The problem is, though, there’s so much to *do* in a day. I really don’t know how most Moms do it.

If there are secrets to Life, the Universe and Everything out there, I’d appreciate being cc’d on the memo. Danke.

I’ll Bet The Boys Agree

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

While walking down the street today, I saw the best tattoo. Inked on her back, between the young, slightly-goth woman’s shoulderblades were the words:

Wish You Were Here

Isn’t that just brilliant? I love it. Verra clever. One of those things I wish I’d thought of first… :)

Any cool ink you’ve seen lately?

180-Degree Post

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

After the amusement that is Eddie Murphy (on Saturday Night Live, for those who didn’t get the joke — a skit promoting a record album called “Buckwheat Sings”. And as an aside, I can’t believe I found that! Yay for YouTube!), I have to be serious.

Could I please get some prayers and healing thoughts sent this way?

My ex-father-in-law is currently in the hospital. He was undergoing chemotherapy, and he started having problems with passing blood, which necessitated an ambulance ride. He’s severely dehydrated and basically sleeping 22 hours/day.

If you can send positive energy, that would be wonderful. Thanks for your help, gang.

Nookin’ Pah Nub*…

Monday, July 21st, 2008

There’s something I just don’t get about the interweebs.

Why is it, that on most social-networking sites, there are people posting requests for “no-strings-attached” naughtiness?

I get the whole request bit in general, but then why on earth would one post a picture of oneself along with the inquiry?

Wouldn’t this be a bad thing, considering more and more employers search the ‘net regarding potential employees, not to mention the current spouse/partner/significant other, who may just be browsing something like Facebook innocently enough? (I’m making an “ass out of ‘u’ and ‘me’ here, but when someone asks for “discreet” and “no-strings-attached”, I’m a-guessin’ there’s somebody at home. Don’t you think?) Even friends and acquaintances, or family fer cryin’ out loud. Do you want them all to know you’re hornier’n a tomcat on a Tuesday?? (I know. Don’t ask.) I know *I’d* be shocked to stumble onto kinky stuff from people I know. Wouldn’t you? 

But the point is, is this a subconscious desire to get caught? Or is it just that people don’t particularly care? It boggles the mind, it does. I’m not of the persuasion to cheat, but *if* I were, I’d certainly make sure arrangements were made discreetly. Sheesh.

*Gold star for you…

He’s My Man

Saturday, July 19th, 2008

Let me tell you, folks, that close to three hours of listening to this:

was well-worth the price of admission.

Follow me down and I’ll tell you about the evening…



Thursday, July 17th, 2008

I’m on the road later today, folks.

Have a good one, and I’ll catch you on the flip side. Bedraggled, spent and feeling somewhat like a damp dishcloth, but still… :D

Well I guess it would be nice / If I could touch your body

I know not everybody / Has got a body like you…


All George, All The Time!

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

I know, I know.

You’re all getting somewhat sick and tired of me blathering on about George.

Well, sorry, but you get to hear about it a little while longer.

It occurred to me today just how expensive this concert is going to be, once you add everything up:

  1. Gas. Round-trip, probably in the neighborhood of $100-120. (OUCH!)
  2. Snacks. I can probably keep that under $20 for the whole trip, but still.
  3. Pre-concert dinner. Hopefully I can keep my share of the bill around $20-25, at most.
  4. Concert tee-shirt. Okay, I know. I don’t have to buy one (or any souvenirs, actually–sidebar: why does that look like it’s spelled incorrectly, yet spellcheck says it’s okay…?), but this is one of those moments where I think it’s justifiable to shell out $30+ for a single tee. At least, that’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it.
  5. Parking. Depending on where I end up, this could range anywhere from $5 to $20, if I’m really crazy.

And that’s not even including the cost of the ticket itself, which was over $100.

Oy. All I can say is, he’d better be good.
Please, folks, buy my books so that going to see George Michael doesn’t send me spiraling into debt. Please? :D Hee hee hee…

Doubting Thomasina

Monday, July 14th, 2008

I am penitent.

For a brief time, I had considered deserting my longtime hairstylist in favour of someone younger and presumably hipper — but also more expensive and more in-demand.

Thankfully, impatience saved me. Because on Friday I decided I needed another change now, and it would have been a minimum of two weeks to get in to the “trendy” salon. So I called my regular stylist and she was able to take me the same day.

You know what? I got a really cool, funky haircut for less than half of what the other stylist would have charged. I’m rather glad I resisted temptation and didn’t cheat, because it all turned out incredibly well in the end.

I’m also going to go blonder again, just for fun. I’ll probably do that this coming weekend. I’ll keep you posted. :)

ps. THREE SLEEPS! I can’t believe George Time has almost come…!!!


Friday, July 11th, 2008

Do y’all remember Seeing is Believing — Book #2 in the Shrink Wrap series released by Ellora’s Cave?

Sure you do. ;)

Anyhoo, my fabu partners in crime, Summer Devon and Lyn Cash and I just found out that our three stories are going to be bundled into a print book! Yay!

No release date given yet, but trust me — I’ll be shouting it from the rooftops when I find out.

In case you’re in a hurry and can’t wait for print, though, here’s Summer’s Book, Invisible Touch, my book, Seeing is Believing, and Lyn’s book, Crystal Clear Persuasion.

Yay for books! :)