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If It’s Not One Thing…

Saturday, March 31st, 2007


Does anyone out there know how to remove Wite-Out ™ from walls? From my beautifully painted walls…?

Lemme tell you, selling the Offspring looked like a rather viable solution yesterday…

In other news, it’s cold here, I’m doing laundry, the Offspring has cabin fever, and if I start thinking too much about life I get rather ticked.

But on the positive side of things, I get to drink and hang out with a bunch of hockey players tonight. This can’t be that bad of a thing. :D ‘Bout time I get another chance to dress up a little…

You’ll get the play-by-play (*snort*) tomorrow. Maybe. ;)

Feel-Good Friday

Friday, March 30th, 2007

I apologize in advance. The post title is misleading. Actually, I feel crummy today — poor sleep combined with stress, aggravation and irritation (along with deadlines!) do not a happy Kris make.

So this is what I’m going to do.

I’m certain not everyone out there is having a crappy day, so I’d like to hear about all the good things going on. Leave any happy or positive bits of news in the comments section, and let’s try to cheer the rest of we lousy curmudgeons up!

C’mon! Make us smile, make us laugh, make us feel good! I dare you!

Thursday Three!

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

In an attempt to perk things up around here a little, it’s MEME time!

I’m doing things a little differently this time around. And as a result, I’m not about to do thirteen of these. Sorry. :)

Here are three questions for you all to answer (Questions posed by Indigo on The Question of the Day blog…)

1. How many keys are on your keychain right now? Do you know what each one of them opens?

2. What are three things that you have to do, but you really don’t want to do?

3. If you could be a fictitous bad guy for the day, which bad guy would you be and why?

Post your answers in the comments!

And for my answers, follow me below the cut…


Life, Art, And All That

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

As some of you Gentle Readers may have surmised, there has been a wee bit of a speed bump on the road of Kris’ personal life.

Due in part to a) a past history that encouraged suspicion at the drop of a hat and b) merely being a woman who worries and thinks too much, Kris made a bit of a goof.

The Goof, aka Jumping to Conclusions, made Kris feel like shite and of course (because as JtC is wont to do) led to a series of resulting hurt feelings and emotional upset. For which she is very remorseful.

The bitterly ironic parallel occurred last night during the normal evening routine of face-washing/teeth-brushing. And it was surprising enough to make Yours Truly stop and stare at herself in the mirror.

The major conflict of Kris’ current WIP involves… wait for it… Jumping to Conclusions.

How eerie is that? Even thinking about it now, I get goosebumps. (Not good ones, I might add.) And sadly enough, I feel more in control of the characters’ lives than I do my own. I wonder — could that be one of the reasons authors write? To have a feeling of ownership of a situation? To be able to tackle difficult problems and conflicts and maybe understand them better? To find solutions? But it makes a difference when they’re fictional and one is essentially playing God, yes? Or can any of it be applied to the real world? Or is dabbling in fictional conflict more like avoidance or denial?

I don’t know.

The only thing I know is this: I can only hope that the resolving of the real-life conflict can be as easy (and hopefully mostly-painless) as the resolution of the fictional one.

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes…

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

Post-bath, I’m towelling the Offspring dry. At the end, I always wrap the towel around her and give her a big hug.

This is what then transpired as we stood there:

Me: I love you, Sweetpea.

Offspring: I love you, too.

Me: What would I do if I didn’t have you, hm?*

Offspring: (Thinks) Call the police?

Yep. Apparently she’s practical, that one… :)

*Edit: Sorry. I realized after posting that I’d misquoted myself. The conversation makes a bit more sense now. :)  

Unrelated To Previous Post

Monday, March 26th, 2007

I met him in passing a few weeks ago.

He was quiet, shy; a handsome, polite young man, the grandson of my parents’ friend.

This sweet seventeen-year-old, with his whole life ahead of him, was killed in a snowmobiling accident this past weekend.

I didn’t even know him, yet the news of his death made my heart hurt.

Whatever your faith, please send up a thought or prayer for Curtis and his family.

Grey, Grey, Grey…

Monday, March 26th, 2007

I wish the sun would shine.

You know, one of the worst things about living at home with the Mater and Pater is that one cannot have any kind of private moment.

You know, to have a good twenty-minute bawl-your-eyeballs-out session without people wanting to know what’s wrong, when you can’t tell ‘em anyway…

“Watch For Falling Rock”

Sunday, March 25th, 2007

Northern Canuckland road signs always amuse me. In this instance, I am forced to wonder — to whom do I bring the falling rock, and do I get a choice of watch? If so, I’d like something snazzy like a Tag Heuer, please. ;)

In other news, Dean has more in terms of visual delights. (Lookit me, pimpin’ myself… *snort*)

And in even more news, Mr. Tall is not only cute, but a good brainstormer, too. Surprise, surprise. ;)

Hope you all had a good weekend. I’m off to put the Offspring to bed, and see if I can be productive for the last few hours of the day…

No Cigarette Needed

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

Perhaps it’s just me, but after the whole Wicked Weasel buildup, things feel just a little bit anticlimactic.

(Mr. Tall should note that this generalization does not include him.)

I’m not entirely sure what I can do to top that — if anything. (No suggestions from the peanut gallery, thanks! :D ) But I’m sure something will come up. Ahem.

In other news, the weather has finally started to change up here in Northern Canuckland. The sun has been shining more, and the temperatures are slowly climbing up over the freezing mark. I will be so glad to put the winter boots away… I’m dying to get back into sandals. :) In fact, I even bought myself a new pair of sneaker slides (you know, slip-on, mule types) because at the end of last summer I got rid of my old ratty pair.

It’s almost pedicure time, too. Along with toe ring and anklet time. *sigh*

I know. It’s all about taking each day as it comes, right? Seeing what’s around the corner next? For me, similarly to autumn, spring is about renewal and change. The days are longer and brighter, and full of promise. It’s time for we hibernators to crawl out of our caves and blink in the brilliant sunshine.

Soon we can again enjoy barbeques and bonfires, meals outside in the gazebo, and splashing around in the Smurf Pot pool.

I’m so looking forward to it all. What about you? What does spring mean for you?

Hint Taken

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

Today’s Horoscope:

If you focus too much attention on building new relationships, you may alienate the people in your existing relationships. Tone down the intense energy you’ve been focusing on someone new — it may be sending too strong of a message, and you could be misunderstood. Instead, give equal time to the folks who have been in your corner all along, rooting for you when times were tough. Share this sunny period with them, and you’ll be reminded why you need them in your life.

I got it, I got it.

Open letter to All Those Other People In My Life: I need you, okay? My life wouldn’t be the same without you. :) That better?