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Hump Day Histrionics

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

Actually, I’m not hysterical. I just liked the wee bit of alliteration.

Everybody heard about nekkid Harry Potter yet? Lemme tell you, this news caused some serious uproar in the Starr household today. The Mater and Pater were thoroughly disapproving. I’m on the fence. While I can see his desire to avoid being typecast, I think it may have been a tad soon to make this jump. And as mentioned in the article, I have to wonder how his parents felt about this. He is only seventeen, after all. One thing’s for certain, he’s definitely getting publicity out of it. What do you think?


I’m trying to think of a segue here, but while the obvious choice is the nekkid part, I’m choosing not to go there.

Bottom line is: Rella’s considering starting a dating pool for yours truly. As in, when is Kris going to go on her first date (be it online personals-related or otherwise)? (See? The nekkid part could work, but… ah, you know what I mean. :D ) I’m sorely tempted to say Go for it, and am even wondering what sort of prize to give to the winner, but do we really want to take my social life to that level?

The only drawback I can see is that you might have to wait a while to get results, gang… *snert*


Finally, in the good news category, I would like to take this opportunity and say just how much I love my editor. :)

I sent an email to him earlier, outlining a number of book ideas that I’ve been mulling over in my head. I hoped and prayed that he’d like at least one of them, maybe two, if the Good Lord was willin’…

And I received his response yesterday. For the most part, he was agreeable to all the ideas. (Admittedly, with some questions regarding a couple of them.) I have to admit I was shocked. And excited. So now I need to decide which one I will start on next month, once my current project is submitted. Yay!

So that’s all that’s new in the world of Kris today. How’s your Hump Day going?

Why Is It…

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

…that all the “comment” choices I have when sending a freebie “Hello” on the dating site are hokey?

Why should I have to settle for saying “I think you’re a hottie” when what I really want to say is “…you’re the most stunningly gorgeous man I’ve ever seen, and I could easily be convinced to bear your children.”?

I mean, really. Is that so wrong?

Hey, Jude

Monday, January 29th, 2007

Rella and I went to see The Holiday on Saturday night.

Let me just say that I now get the Jude Law thing.

I get it.


In other news, Doug is pimping me today, so go check it out. Especially the swallowing.

Now I’ve gotta dash, or I’ll be late for my manhandling. And that’s just unacceptable. :)

Sociology 101

Sunday, January 28th, 2007

It’s experiment time, Gentle Readers!

Your hostess with the mostess (er… that’d be me, gang) took the big ol’ plunge this weekend and jumped headfirst into the world of Online Dating.


We all know that I work from home and don’t get out much to meet new people, so I’m giving this a try just to see what happens.

So…I did post a profile on a popular Dating site*, and surprisingly enough, within 12 hours I was already getting noticed. I had probably three or four of the freebie “Hellos” that subscribers can send, and despite the fact that the profiles didn’t appeal to me at all, I did find it strangely heartening.

During the course of today, however, I have come to the conclusion that I must be slightly obsessive-compulsive, because I can’t stop popping onto the site to see if I have any new messages or “Hellos”. Must. Not. Click. Again. Gaaah!

I was also somewhat ballsy (well, okay, for ME this is ballsy behaviour — maybe not for YOU) and sent out a few of the “Hellos” myself, all the while thinking, WTF am I doing?? I must be crazy… However, I did get a response back from one of my “Hellos” and a very nice, lengthy email. So I replied to his letter. And that’s where that stands.

The part that niggles at me a little, though, is the whole “popularity contest” angle of it all. Truth be told, Gentle Readers, Kris was a major geek all through Elementary and most (if not all) of Secondary school. And it does feel a little like sending a note to the cute boy in your History class and finding out he’s not interested in you at all. (Not that I ever did that, of course…) And that, if one stops to think about it in any depth, does sting a little.

Speaking of ballsy, though, I did also send a “Hello” to probably one of the most drop-dead gorgeous men I’ve ever seen (well, at least in a photo). He is absolutely stunning. I will definitely let you know if I even hear anything back from him. Of course, he’s also in Toronto, so our paths would likely never cross, but then again, who knows, right?

Aaaaaanyway. That’s that, gang. I shall keep you all posted on this Soap Opera that is my — er, my AE’s — life.

*And no, sorry, I’m not giving out more details than that, I’m afraid. See, Kris and her alter-ego are too competitive, and if news about the AE were to trickle through here onto the Blog, well, Kris would most likely have a diva-ish hissy fit and refuse to write a single word until that hussy, AE, was out of the picture.

Hm. Maybe schizophrenic would be more accurate than obsessive-compulsive… :D

Rly? ORly.

Saturday, January 27th, 2007

I am completely aware that Horoscopes are essentially just a bunch of hoodiddle, and it’s the application of our own perspective to them that gives them whatever “meaning” we wish to attribute.

However, sometimes they just appear to hit home so deliberately that it’s spooky. Take today’s for example:

Some outdated ideas or bad habits are holding you back right now, but this doesn’t have to stay the case for long. All you have to do is focus on where you want to be, and look at what is standing in your way. Then, get rid of whatever those things are. It sounds easier than it is, but even the longest journey begins with one small step. Give yourself realistic goals and keep going. As soon as you give up, you discourage yourself from growing as a person.

Whoa. Fits me to a T right now. Spooooooky.

In other news, we watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone last night, and once again I was struck with the thought of how great it would be to live in Harry’s world. (Yeah, even with old Voldy floating around.) The other world I’d pack up and move to in a heartbeat is Narnia. Say the word and I’m gone, dudes. :)

What about YOU? Is there a fictional world or place that you’d go to in a heartbeat? Which one is it? And why?

Into The Cave…

Friday, January 26th, 2007

I’m heading into the writing cave today, because my deadline is rapidly, rapidly approaching.

I feel somewhat like Lightning McQueen (from the movie Cars) when he’s being chased by the huge “Bull” named Fred(?) (the big combine? Sorry, don’t really know my farm equipment, obviously…) through the field after he and Mater do some cow-tipping…

*sigh* The problem is, my day’s been messed up by a rescheduled doctor’s appointment. Now my day’s broken up, and I hate when that happens. Now I really have to watch the clock to stay on top of things. :(

Gah. ‘Scuse my crankiness. I’ll be happier later — I promise. (At least, I’ll try. No guarantees, of course. :) )

Catch you on the flip side, gang!

*ps. It’d be really nice of y’all if you left lots of comments for me today so I’d have something to look forward to later… *winsome, doe-eyed smile* Heh.

Attention: All Eligible*, Good-Lookin’ Men

Thursday, January 25th, 2007

Go here and read what Dean has to say.

Let his words soak into your brains. Learn, young (and not young) Grasshoppers. Learn. Your lives will be more enriched for it. I promise. :D

This can even have the potential of having children borne for you.**

One thing’s for sure, though — the world definitely needs more Deans. :)

*Oh, heck, definitely you married/attached ones, too. Trust me, your wives/girlfriends/partners will be happy.

**Not necessarily by me, per se. And really, it is just a saying, after all. So don’t be gettin’ any ideas. 

Les Scopes Du Horreur

Thursday, January 25th, 2007

(Get it? I know. That was horrible. Sue me. It’s -25C [-14F] outside — that’s without windchill! — and I think my brain is frozen.)

Anyway. Here’s what the stars have in store for me:

My 2007 “Love” Horoscope (*snert*):

For optimum success this coming year, Taureans are advised to play the field. Make hay this May when Mars hits your sign’s sweet spot, showering your world with hotties just ripe for a summer romance. And if you’re after something more lasting (perhaps with an intuitive Cancer or sexy Scorpio), hang in there ’til late autumn when someone who’s real relationship material will make an appearance.

I like this part: “showering your world with hotties”. I could live with that. C’mon May! (Now that would be quite the birthday present…)

Today’s Daily Horoscope:

A change of scene can work wonders, especially if you’re suffering from any kind of creative block. New surroundings can be inspiring.

All fine and dandy, but I wonder where I should go…? Unless the gym can count as a source of inspiration.


Yes, frankly, yes it can. :D

And my other Daily Horoscope:

Today you might get a strong sense that something new is beginning — but it might not quite be what you were hoping for. Keep your hopes high, but do not bank on anything yet — there is no such thing as a sure thing. Renewal is in the air right now, and you can easily grab some it to get your own thing going if you stay dedicated. Whatever idea or scheme you’ve been playing with is more possible than ever right now, so get with your people and start making things happen.

This is all good. All of it. I like the “strong sense that something new is beginning”. New is good. Change is good. If we don’t mix things up once in a while, we run the risk of becoming stagnant. And that’s not a good thing.

Anyway. I’m off to venture out into the frigid marshmallow world shortly. Have a good day, all! I’ll keep you posted if any of those predictions come to fruition in any way. :)

Move Over, Miz Electra!

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

I just found out that a local fitness studio here in town offers pole dancing classes, as well as what they call “sensual” fitness classes (combo of pole work, pilates, dance and yoga).

Once I figure out if I can afford it, and if I can squeeze it into my schedule, I am so there.

Yeah, baby. :D

SWF Seeks Human Furnace: Apply Within

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

Jeeeebus, people. Apparently winter has finally arrived full-force up here in Northern Canuckland. It was -20C this morning (a balmy -4F), and -29C (-20F!!) with the windchill.

The next five days or so bode no better — we’re looking at anywhere from -18C to -25/6C as overnight lows. Srsly.

No wonder my fingers are blue.

I’d get a dog so it could lie at my feet when I’m at the computer and curl up next to me on my bed at night, but I’m allergic to most breeds, and not to mention the Offspring is terrified of ‘em all. *sigh*

*crosses ‘get a dog’ off list*

Anybody got any better ideas?? I’m all ears. (Technically, no, because that’d look funny, but you know what I mean…)