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Corrupted Wishes, Redux!

Tuesday, May 30th, 2006

Since it’s bleedin’ hot here (32C/38 with humidity — that’s in the nineties for you non-Canucks), and my brain ain’t working so well, I figured I’d cheat a little and bring back Corrupted Wishes for a little fun. For those of you who weren’t around the last time, here’s the way it goes:

Person 1 makes a wish
Person 2 grants it, with a hilariously unpleasant twist, then makes a wish of his/her own.
The next person then corrupts THAT wish, and makes his own wish, and so on.

Like so:

Person 1: I wish I had a Maserati.

Person 2: Your wish is granted! You have a Maserati. By Matchbox.
I wish I could fly.

Person 3: Your wish is granted! You can fly! You just can’t land.
I wish every day was Christmas Eve.

Person 4: Your wish is granted! Every day IS Christmas Eve–and you’re in retail.

I’ll go first.

I wish our pool was opened for the summer.

Stars, Schmars

Sunday, May 28th, 2006

Here’s my horoscope for today. This does not look good.

They say nothing’s certain except death and taxes, so be prepared to pull out a backup plan today. An unexpected cancellation could put an end to an arrangement you had been counting on for a while. This is good news, though — any alterations you make will help you move toward a more active, positive direction. This feeling that anything is possible at any moment will continue for a while, and it will keep you on your toes. This is good exercise for your brain!

Unexpected cancellation?? I don’t like the sound of that. Of course, could be that I’m just tired and cranky. Even though I hung a blanket over the Offspring’s window to darken the room, she was awake at 5:30. One of these days I’m just gonna give up… *sigh

Today’s supposed to be rainy all day, yet there’s no sign of it so far. At least I’m getting a couple hours of uninterrupted quiet time in the house this afternoon — can you tell I’m looking forward to that?

Oh, and after shoveling and spreading dirt for three hours yesterday, I am sunburned. With a really sexy farmer burn. Great. I’m so not impressed. I hope you’re having a better weekend than I am!

*thwack* I(t) Did It Again (with insincere apologies to Britney)

Saturday, May 27th, 2006

I’m going to cry. I typed out an even longer post, and Wordpress ATE IT.

Maybe I need to write it up in Word or something and C&P before I poke my eyeballs out with dull pencils.

To sum up:
1) X:3 is out. Probably won’t see it soon.
2) Got nothing to talk about.
3) Have discovered that I am now thinking in Bloglike chunks throughout the day. Note: Look in to professional help.
4) Calorie-counting sucks some days.
5) Need NON-diet Coke and Salt & Vinegar or Ketchup or Sour Cream & Bacon or All Dressed Chips
6) Apparently, PMS is imminent. Save yourselves.
7) Will need to get up at o’dark-thirty tomorrow to go buy other people’s junk. We don’t need any more junk. Capisce? (Sorry about the spelling.)

Am going to bed now. G’night.

Bloody Hell

Thursday, May 25th, 2006

I just wrote a long catch-up post, and the Internet ate it.


And I just don’t have the energy right now to redo it. My humblest apologies.

Will be back later, I promise.


Slackers R Us

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006

It feels weird to have a book done. That crazy, back-of-the-mind pressure, the inner voice chanting, “Finish it! It’s not done! You’re so far behind schedule you’ll never catch up!” — all temporarily gone.

I keep waiting for the other proverbial shoe.

The book has been critted and submitted. Now, the wait begins. And yes, I don’t plan on slacking off for long — my list of Projects To Work On hasn’t vanished, or anything. Although last night was my exception. :) I watched Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and once again enjoyed James McAvoy as Tumnus. :D (Yes, Julie, more of my bizarre tastes showing through…)

All right. Despite everything else, I do have things I need to do today. But before I go, I want you to pop over to see Heather Rae Scott — her first book, The Last Thing I Expected is being released today! Congrats, doll!! :)


Sunday, May 21st, 2006

The paranormal novella is FINISHED.

Prologue, main story and epilogue — 23, 313 words.

I don’t know what to do with myself first — find booze or eat something.

Now let’s hope my editor likes it. :)

Will keep you posted on events as they occur.

Next up:
1) Completion of category-length novel called Higher Learning (currently about half done).
2) New novella for a project planned by a group of the Belfrites.
3) Finish the Futuristic, currently titled VALERA’S STORY (I am nothing if not creative).
4) Do up a proposal for something for Harlequin Spice.
5) Sort through the remaining ideas in the file and see what might jump up to come next. :)

No pressure. None whatsoever.

And now, I think I’m off to find a snack. Creativity burns calories. At least, that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

Saturday Confession

Saturday, May 20th, 2006

I don’t know about you, but to me, there’s something oddly appealing about the Circus Ringmaster.

Anybody else get that? Raise your hand.

*crickets chirping*

Oooo-kay. No, seriously. The Ringmaster (whether the guy “playing” him has these qualities, we don’t know) is a showman. He’s a definite Alpha male. He’s buffed and polished to a gleaming shine (one might add smarmy to the list, but frankly, it just doesn’t have the right connotation to it), has a smooth, melodious voice, and a flair for the dramatic.

And really — a guy would have to be a troll to not look good in a well-fitted tuxedo. *eg* And this guy was definitely not a troll.

The character is in command, the center of attention, the Lord of all he Surveys…the Master of his Domain, if you will. (And not necessarily in a Seinfeld way, but even that’s possible. Heh.)

From that I think it’s easy to extrapolate that the Ringmaster would definitely be a romantic. A showman will pull out all the stops to make an evening memorable…and I guess that’s just where the appeal lies.

Despite all of that, he’s not one to bring home to meet ‘Mom and Dad’ — I surmise that there’s a lack of substance beneath all the flash and dazzle. So in other words, prepare to be wowed for one evening, but when the lights come up, it’s time to go home.

*g* Can you tell we went to the circus last night? Thought so.

ps. They’re predicting snow overnight, either tonight or tomorrow. I really need to move.

Just a Little Bit Kinky

Friday, May 19th, 2006

I have a confession to make. I’m addicted to something, and I can’t quite seem to quit. See, in the last few weeks I’ve discovered something I find quite amazing, and truth be told, I can’t keep my fingers away. So I’m going to confess here and now, in the presence of all you witnesses.

Hope you all respect me in the morning.

I just can’t stop fondling…

…my biceps. *ggg*

Seriously, the weight training has paid off dramatically. I’ve started developing fantastic muscle definition in my bis and tris — and of course I’ve turned into a bit of a Narcissus (the mythological guy — not the flower)…I keep flexing and checking myself out. The best part is, the muscle is visible even when I’m doing everyday stuff, like brushing my teeth. Yeah, baby!

Call me crazy, but this is important. Visual reminders and evidence of progress are one of the best things you can have in…well, frankly, in just about any aspect of one’s life. (IMn-s-HO)

So. Now that I’ve put myself on display (figuratively…for now. Hehehe.) I’m off to FTDB. (AKA Finish The Damned Book.) Keep your ears open for the shouts of happiness coming from Northern Canuckland. Will be back — and that’s a promise, not a threat. *g*


Wednesday, May 17th, 2006

Oh. Sorry to get you all excited, but this post is not about the publishing front. It *is*, however, all about the fitness front.

After a couple of weeks of the numbers on the scale barely moving, I can report another two-pound loss! W00T!

So I went back and checked the chart that I’m using. After 4.5 weeks, I’m down 7 pounds altogether. Not too bad after all! For some reason, I thought the numbers weren’t that good, but that’s perfectly acceptable. I’ll take it, anyway!

Oh, and I bought some new funky-ass workout gear. In size MEDIUM. Not Large. Yeah, baby! :D

You know, it totally makes up for the sheer exhaustion of being up at the butt-crack of dawn this morning for squash…

In Publishing news, the novella is thisclose to being finished. Only about 2-3K more and TA-DA!
After it’s critted and submitted, I think I’m going to take an evening and watch my Chronicles of Narnia disc that I got for my Birf-Day.

But now it’s off to hang laundry. Oh, the glamour!

Jonesin’… (Are You Really Surprised??)

Monday, May 15th, 2006
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