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*beleaguered sigh*

Tuesday, February 28th, 2006

George, how could you be such a freakin’ dingbat?

At least it wasn’t lewd behaviour this time…

Uber-Manly, or Uber-Not? You Decide

Sunday, February 26th, 2006

Found this link on Smart Bitches, where the debate rages: three-dollar-bill gay, or ice-meltingly HAWT?

The Ice Skating Cowboys

My answer to the hours-old question: Do I look like I care?!? This video is smokin’, dude!

This is the only film clip I’ve actually downloaded and saved onto my computer, and promises to be the only one I will ever actually download and save onto my computer. :D

Part of the problem comes from the routine’s association with Brokeback Mountain. But just because a bunch of stunning, buff men dressed as cowboys skate together does not a pride parade make! And besides, while I don’t know all the facts, I understand that a number of them are happily married. This affirms to me that the guys can skate together like this simply because they are secure in their masculinity.

Frankly, I don’t give a flying flip. They’re hot, they’re buff, and they know how to shake it so it counts. Isn’t that what fantasy is all about?

And at the very least, it actually gives me hope for those (normally quite dorky) Stars on Ice shows. Might have to get me some tickets next time, in case those guys come up with another number like this one…!

Par’n me while I go watch the video again. *ahem*

Recipe for Trouble

Saturday, February 25th, 2006


2 bottles of fruit wine
2 Mudslide shots
2 shots of Bailey’s
uncounted Vodka & Cokes


A somewhat rough day yesterday. :D (Not really hungover, per se, but verra, verra tired. Went to bed at about 3AM, was woken up by offsprung at 6:30. Not a pretty picture.)

However, on the whole, a rather good time was had by all. Must do it again sometime. :)

Ladies, Start Your Engines…

Thursday, February 23rd, 2006

Off to misbehave. Should be easy with Vanilla-flavored Vodka and Coke. (Can we say, ‘yum’??)

Be good — and if you can’t be good, I want you to tell me all about it. :D

I’ll drag my likely hungover butt back in here tomorrow, when I resurface. Until then, adieu!


Thursday, February 23rd, 2006

OMG! I googled myself tonight (heh) just for shits and giggles…

And Ellora’s Cave already has my bio up on the website! OMG! OMG! How wild is *that*?!?

This is just a major boot to my behind to get my website done, because the URL is listed, but of course, there’s no site up yet…

Ooop. *sigh* Shuffles priority list yet again…

But *still*!! :D Whee!!!

Sometimes I Feel So Grade Eight…

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006

9 lasts:
last cigarette: sometime in the vicinity of the year 1999 (?) No idea. I plead drunkenness.
last beverage: Root Beer
last kiss: uh… from the Hex. (Oh, God! How depressing is *that*??)
last movie seen: Theater: Curious George; Rental: The Wedding Crashers
last phone call: Auntie M.
last cd played: Mixed CD for workout
last bubble bath: can’t remember
last time you cried: can’t recall, but during the last month for sure

8 have you evers:
have you ever dated one of your best friends: yes
have you ever skinny dipped: no
have you ever kissed somebody and regretted it: no
have you ever fallen in love: yes
have you ever lost someone you loved: no
have you ever been depressed: sure
have you ever been drunk and thrown up: who hasn’t?

7 states you’ve been to:
1. Florida
2. New York
3. Nevada
4. Connecticut
5. Pennsylvania
6. New Hampshire
7. Maine

6 things you’ve done today:
1. wrote
2. shoveled snow
3. watched Law & Order
4. read emails/Blogs
5. walked to the mailbox
6. made social plans for later this week

5 favorite things in no order:
1. Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper
2. steaming hot sauna
3. steaming hot shower
4. those times when your bed feels like the most comfortable thing on the planet
5. uninterrupted sleep

4 people you can tell [almost] anything to:
1. D.
2. C.
3. P.
4. S.

3 wishes:
1. to never again have to get a “Day Job”
2. that the kid turn out to be an all-around good person
3. to find inner peace and contentment

2 things you want to do before you die:
1. travel: England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, Caribbean
2. have the chance to try all the hobbies I want to try

1 thing you regret:
1. as easy as it would be to list something here, I won’t. everything that’s ever happened to me has shaped me into the person I am today — so truly, I can regret nothing.

I’m being lazy, so I’m tagging all of you. You read it? You got it. ;)
I need chocolate, and then I’m off to bed.

Everybody Wang Chung Tonight

Tuesday, February 21st, 2006

It’s been decided. Social activities on Thursday night will include copious quantities of alcohol.


I’m *already* excited. How geeky is that?!? :D

Procrastinating and Other Indoor Sports

Tuesday, February 21st, 2006

Get this — I have been invited to take part in a panel discussing Editor/Author relationships at the RWA conference this summer. Let me just say I am tickled pink — and already nervous. *g* I’m rather excited, as this will be a great experience. So if you plan to be at RWA this year, think about taking in the workshop! (More info will be provided as is warranted.)

I have an empty house right now. It’s quiet and peaceful, and there are several hours yet before the Offspring returns. So why am I Blogsurfing? Re-reading old emails? Posting a Blog entry?
Because I can’t gather up the motivation to open my WIP.

All right. Here come the kick in the patootie. As soon as I publish this post, I will open Word and just plow on ahead. I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep. :)

Finally, I killed our step machine. Okay, so it was bought used at a yard sale, but I’d hoped it would last a little bit longer. I have no idea if it’s worth repairing, or if it’s even repairable. So there goes my cardio option, at least until our seventy feet of snow melts — which, I’m guessing, will be around August…
On the other hand, we did get about two inches or so of snow last night, and I shoveled after the Offspring had departed, so I got a bit of a workout this morning. Listen to this — shoveling two inches of fluff from the entire driveway took me a whole TWENTY MINUTES, whereas the foot-deep dump of last week took at least FOUR HOURS, if not more. *sigh* What’s a person to do??

I’m also trying to get a Debbie Siebers’ Slim in 6 set from eBay, but man — those things go like hotcakes, and the price gets jacked up incredibly quickly. I think buying it from the TV is about $100, though, so even paying $35 or more on eBay isn’t bad. We’ll see. I keep watching new sets that are listed. I’d like to get one for $25, but that might just be a pipe dream.
Anyone out there use the Slim in 6 workout and want to comment on it?

Okay. My computer says 10:38. I am off to plow into the WIP. Wish me luck, and keep your fingers crossed.

I am in luuuuuuuuurve…

Monday, February 20th, 2006

…with a car. *g*

My longtime infatuation, my sweet Toyota Yaris no longer holds my affection. I have been gobsmacked, nay, undone, by the adorable little Honda Fit. (I am of two minds about the name, but that’s my only drawback.) I know they look a bit alike, but I am a Honda girl at heart, so I’m happy for the opportunity to stick with them.

This is my next car. I know, I can’t afford it now (unless there’s some sort of financial miracle, like, uh…a sale with a big advance… 0:D

Pish, Tosh

Friday, February 17th, 2006

*taps fingers idly on desktop*

Hm. I don’t know about you folks, but I’m having trouble coming up with an interesting Blog entry. I’m beginning to think the weather and/or time of year has something to do with it. You know, the frigid temperatures freezing more than the air outside… I’m pretty sure I’m down to a handful of brain cells at this point.

I wonder… does creativity wax and wane with the weather or the seasons? Is it possible to sieze up in an icy block through the month of February, only to have ideas thaw and melt their way out come May? Does spring bring fertility not only to the great out-of-doors, but to our muses, as well? Does inspiration bloom like crocuses and daffodils, after being blanketed under a suffocating mat of somber and chill snowfall?

It could be, especially seeing as how dear old Mom Nature is out there right now, dumping a foot-deep load on us again, and I’m creatively snagged.

However, it could also just be me talking out of my ass. One never knows about these things, does one? And now, seeing as how the words on-screen are beginning to swim disconcertingly, I think I shall hie meself to the comfort of my flannel sheets. I shall see thee anon.

ps. Send in the Mounties. Don’t bother waiting for me to request ‘em. Just do it now. *eg*