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The Countdown Begins

Saturday, December 31st, 2005

So here’s the pre-2006 status report.

I signed and sent off my contracts for the novella yesterday. (I even sent ‘em Xpresspost to get ‘em there faster. It cost significantly more, but it gives me peace of mind. And hey, it’s a business expense.)

Current projects, in order of priority:
1. Higher Learning — the Master’s Thesis story. I want to get this one out to EC soon.
2. Valera’s Story — a futuristic — actually, my NaNoWriMo story. Want to get this one out soon, too.
3. Dust Devil — the farm/ranch story. (Actually the priority level with this is equal to #4.)
4. The Cougar Story — my older woman/younger man story.
5. The Lucid Dreaming Story — doesn’t need a whole lot of explanation, does it?
6. My Very Loosely-Based Twist on The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe — the adult version, of course.

And that’s a start, anyway.

Now, as for the weight thing, I don’t even know my starting point because my dearest little offspring broke our scale — and we haven’t replaced it yet. I may splurge on one in early January. It’s not as if the number is going to fluctuate too heavily in the first couple of weeks…

All right. I’ve got a bunch of other stuff to go do, so I shall end this for now. Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve, and I’ll see you on the flip side!

The Sale 2: The Hangover

Saturday, December 31st, 2005

Wow. I’m still completely discombobulated by the whole sale thing. I keep going back and rereading the emails from Ellora’s Cave, just making sure I didn’t imagine the whole thing.

I’ve also started an email folder where I’ve been placing all the congratulatory messages from my wonderful, wonderful friends! Thank you so much for all your support! It means more than you’ll ever know…

So anyway. All day today I’ve been thinking — what next to Blog about? And I came up with (I think) a great answer. Seeing as how my novella won’t be available until a year from now (approximately), I thought I’d use the Blog as a chronicle of what happens on the road to publication, throughout 2006. I will post relevent and interesting happenings and information, and let you know the progress of my novella as it occurs. What do you think?

Before any of you complain, there are likely to be rather large gaps in time where nothing really happens at my end of the equation (before revision, after revision, etc., etc.) so I will happily throw in a BT-fest or two for ye masses, and I will also chart the progress of other projects.

Not to mention logging the progress of dropping the extra 30 or so pounds that I’m carrying around. Oy. I’d love to be svelte for the Romance Writers of America conference in Atlanta, Georgia in July… I think that’s totally doable. It’s seven months from now. I will keep you posted on that journey as it continues, too.

Does that sound good? I think I’ll start tomorrow with an outline of works-in-progress and prioritize them.

And YOU, lucky readers, get the opportunity to cheer, jeer, or just do some plain-old butt-kicking, should the situation warrant. Sounds like a win-win situation to moi.

A while back, a dear friend who has a touch of something you might call second sight told me, “2006 will be your year.” And you know what, gang? It already is.


Thursday, December 29th, 2005

I sold my novella to Ellora’s Cave.

I’m still in shock. I wasn’t expecting this at all, and it came at a time that I really needed it.

Oh, my God.

Oh. My. God.


The story will be in the Ellora’s Cavemen: Dreams of the Oasis IV anthology, which will be available in electronic and print formats in December 2006.

And frankly, what’s even better? The sweet, lovely editor wants to see more of what I’ve got. Omigod.

I think I need to go lie down, or something. Although I’m calmer now, my hands were shaking when I composed my reply to her email. :)

My young, gorgeous cousin said something just yesterday that has stuck with me — she said that you need to spend the end of 2005 the way you truly want to, which will influence the way the new year comes in, as well as the kind of new year it turns out to be. (if that makes any sense…)

Well, I think I’m ending 2005 on just the right note. Don’t you? :) :) :) :)

Thank God it’s Over

Thursday, December 29th, 2005

Why on earth do we wish each other a ‘restful’ Christmas each year? (And yes, I’m guilty of it, too…) Because it’s *never* freaking restful. We run like mad little demons in the weeks beforehand–cleaning, baking, shopping, wrapping–and then we run even faster over the holiday itself–visiting here, visiting there, visitors at our house.

No wonder I feel completely run down. I don’t have the energy for this. And having the whole famn damily trapped together in the same house for several days running (much as I do love them all) is rapidly pushing me towards committing hara kiri. Do you get what I’m saying?

And being *extra* sleep-deprived just ain’t helping. The Kid decided this morning that 4:50AM was the ideal time to get up and play.

I should have added another item to my Christmas list–a weekend away at a hotel or B&B, by myself. Do you have any idea how heavenly it would be to be able to sleep for more than six hours at a stretch? To eat junk food and watch movies to my heart’s content? To read, uninterrupted?

Whoa. Gotta tone down that bitterness just a tad. *sigh*

I’m getting to the point where celebrating Christmas as an adult is just not becoming very fun. Remember when you were a kid? The month stretched on forever, and every day felt magical? All you had to worry about was which day it was so you could have your Advent calendar chocolate. Boy, do I miss that.

2006 will have its high points–I already know of a handful of them–but other than that, it’s definitely a wait-and-see situation.

Before I whine further and finally convince you that I am, indeed, permanently cranky, I’m going to bed. I sincerely hope the next few days are uneventful, because that’s what I need.

The 12 Boy Toys — Day 12

Saturday, December 24th, 2005

The end has arrived. I’m posting now, as the rest of the day will be pretty much shot in terms of internet time. (Completely understandable, considering it *is* Christmas Eve…)
I think we’re going to end with one of my other faves…a little bit of maturity (’cause I’m so mature. *snort*). So let me present our final BT for the 12 Days…

Boy Toy #12 — William Petersen

Brains, wit and good looks. What more could you ask for? Intelligence is *primo* sexy, folks. Trust me on this one. When you can quote literature, spout scientific facts *and* turn it into a pun, you’ve got me.
And hey, it doesn’t hurt that CSI is just dripping with BT eye candy. I mean, it’s almost too much for one poor gal to take.

On that note, I am off to prepare for today’s merriment, so I wish all you lurkers a Joyous Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, a Merry Yule or a Festive Solstice — whatever it is that you celebrate. See you on the flip side, when we’re all in a turkey/cookie/chocolate coma. Can’t wait.

The 12 Boy Toys — Day 11

Friday, December 23rd, 2005

We’re definitely in the home stretch now! This has been so much fun — thanks to all of you for tagging along! I’d love to hear what you thought of the 12 Boy Toys of Christmas…
Our second-last entry today is…

Boy Toy #11 — Ewan MacGregor

He’s very, very nice looking, isn’t he? And anyone who wields a mean light saber like he does deserves kudos in my book. I’m so glad he’s Jedi and not Sith…that way I don’t have to feel evil to think he’s a babe. (Does that make sense? I don’t know. I’ve only had one cup of coffee this morning, so that could be it.)
I know Julie will enjoy this one…


Friday, December 23rd, 2005

Just heard that Orli will be on Regis and Kelly on Monday morning.

Guess where I’ll be, enjoying my lazy post-holiday breakfast of Christmas cookies, chocolate and coffee?

It’s research, people. Research.

Nope, I suppose I don’t believe me, either.

The 12 Boy Toys — Day 10

Thursday, December 22nd, 2005

Wow. Time’s just a-tickin’ away, huh? What the hell am I going to Blog about once the 12 days are over?? :) Oh, I’m sure I’ll find something…
Anyway. As a continuing tribute to Narnia, I offer the voice of Aslan, an incredibly sexy BT in his own right. (And no, Ann, I didn’t find the lion sexy. You can relax and call off the guys in the white coats.)

Boy Toy #10 — Liam Neeson

Really, he’s like Sean Connery and a host of others — they could just sit there and read the phone book to me and I’d be ecstatically happy. The host of some daytime talk show did this recently–ah, it was Oprah, but for the life of me now, I can’t remember who the guest was that actually read the yellow pages to her. I’m sure one of you smart ones out there will think of who it was.

Anyway. Liam. Yum. No other comment necessary, I don’t think. :)

The 12 Boy Toys — Day 9

Wednesday, December 21st, 2005

Went to see Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe last night.
Loved it. LOVED it. It was absolutely wonderful. I had really high hopes for the film, as I think I’ve read the books probably a zillion times–and LWW was always my absolute favourite. I know it probably sounds geeky, but to see a world I’ve dreamed about for years come alive on screen…*happy sigh* It was awesome. This is another one I’m buying on DVD when it comes out.

As a result, though, I have a new BT to add to the mix — he plays Mr. Tumnus, the Faun, in the film — which threw me, because I always pictured Mr. Tumnus as old and slightly crotchety, but nevertheless… I introduce you to:

Boy Toy #9 — James McAvoy

This isn’t the best picture of him. I had another one, but I couldn’t load it onto Blogger. But check out the man’s eyes. Go ahead, Google him. You’ll find some other images. He’s got an impressive filmography (which I skimmed, but didn’t closely read), and he was very believable in the film, so he’s definitely worth watching.

Er, we’re also not talking about the fact that a *faun* seemed highly attractive on-screen. We’ll just leave that one alone, shall we??

The BlogQuiz Ho is Back…

Wednesday, December 21st, 2005

I’m addicted to these things like crack, man. I need a 12-step program…

You Are a Good Girl

You are 70% Good and 30% Bad
Generally speaking, you’re a very good girl.
(But you don’t have us totally fooled!)
Are You a Good Girl or a Bad Girl?
Your Summer Ride is a Beetle Convertible

Fun, funky, and a little bit euro.
You love your summers to be full of style and sun!
What’s Your Summer Ride?