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And The Bride Wore…Fuchsia?

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008


Well, Gentle Readers, yours truly went and did something crazy on the weekend — and got engaged.

Yup, I know. A shocker, isn’t it??

Some of you may know that this’ll be my second time down ye auld aisle, and things will be a little different this time. For instance, I’m not wearing a traditional wedding dress. BT,DT and burned the silk.

The thing is, though, the last time I planned a wedding, *mumble* years ago, we did a number of things ourselves and on the cheap. Now, researching hall rentals, djs, florists and dresses (!) I’m experiencing major sticker shock. Ack!

Anyway. It’s all good. Exciting, worrying, time-consuming… but good. :)

If people are interested, I shall keep you posted on the ongoing saga. (Well, you may not want to hear about it, but this may be my venting forum. Be prepared. *ggg*)

So. Now I’m back to surfing the ‘net for more info, making budget sheets, and generally trying to shove this balloon full of Jell-o into a tin can (for manageability, of course). Wish me luck. I think we may need it! :D

The Way Of The World

Sunday, June 24th, 2007

Agree with me or not, but it does a heart good to see a very kind, generous soul find the sort of happiness you know that person deserves.

It’s a good thing. It is. And in one’s less jaded moments one might think that the universe is functioning just as it should.

However, the only part of this loveliness that sucks deceased walruses is when that deserving person whose life has suddenly opened up to a new, wonderful realm of possibility is someone other than you.

Could be a new niche for Hallmark, don’t you think?

Attention: All Eligible*, Good-Lookin’ Men

Thursday, January 25th, 2007

Go here and read what Dean has to say.

Let his words soak into your brains. Learn, young (and not young) Grasshoppers. Learn. Your lives will be more enriched for it. I promise. :D

This can even have the potential of having children borne for you.**

One thing’s for sure, though — the world definitely needs more Deans. :)

*Oh, heck, definitely you married/attached ones, too. Trust me, your wives/girlfriends/partners will be happy.

**Not necessarily by me, per se. And really, it is just a saying, after all. So don’t be gettin’ any ideas.