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Damned Hot. Africa Hot.

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

I shouldn’t complain, seeing as how we were freezing only a couple of weeks ago, but man, it’s hot outside. It’s 30C out there, and I don’t even want to turn the oven or stove on to make anything for supper.

My conscience, waistline and pocketbook are all vetoing the idea of dashing out to pick up something, too. (Though they may be overruled if nothing suitable appears in the next few minutes…)

Anyway. Our luverly gazebo is now up once again, and all interior furniture has been washed, so the new outdoor “room” is ready for use. Tra-la!

(I know. I’ve got nothin’. Must be my empty stomach’s fault…)

Fine, then. I’m off to go see what I can rustle up in the kitchen, but in the meantime, head on over to Donna Alward’s blog, where I’m guest-blogging!


Spreadin’ The Luuuuuurve!

Sunday, April 29th, 2007

I’m guest-blogging today over at Donna Alward’s place.

(Crazy woman. Didn’t she know what she was getting in to by asking me to open my big mouth?? I guess not… Heh.)

Feel free to pop by and check it out. Oh, and go buy her books while you’re at it, wouldya?

Have a great Sunday, gang! I’m doing laundry and going to enjoy the sun and +19C temperatures! (Well, okay, it’s not even close to that yet, but it’s supposed to get there this afternoon… keep your fingers crossed!)

Catch you all on the flip side…

Where Are My Mounties??

Friday, April 27th, 2007

I am off to bed shortly, as I will be back up at the butt-crack of dawn in order to pawn my crappe — er, my unique, previously-loved knick-knacks and assorted tchotchkes — on unsuspecting sucke– er… willing customers.

(aka a yard sale.)

I really do need those Mounties, gang. Where the hell are they??

Anyway. Before I head for the warmth and comfort of my bed, I also wanted to tell you that I just finished Julie Cohen’s Spirit Willing, Flesh Weak.

I am reminded of just what a hack I am, and that perhaps I should just go right ahead and hang up my keyboard forever.

The woman is brilliant. Clever, witty and eminently readable. And on top of that, cute and friendly and funny to boot. I urge all of you to go pick up any of her books right now.

(And truly, I’m not saying that because I used to edit her. Honest. :D )

Hm. I wonder if Julie would mind if I could be her when I grow up…?

I’m falling asleep as I type this. I’m off to zonk out. Catch you all in the aftermath…

Pimpin’ For A Good Reason

Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

My good buddy Donna Alward is having a contest to celebrate today’s release of her book, Almost a Family. If you go here to her blog, you can enter to win a copy.

You can tell her I sent you, but that won’t get me anything extra, I’m afraid… ;)

*edit: You’ve got until 9:00AM EST Wednesday morning. Good luck!  

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

Tuesday, December 19th, 2006

Release day is rapidly approaching! You haven’t forgotten, have you??

In the meantime, though, while you’re waiting — for those of you looking for a little something to read, possibly a change of pace from erotic stuff, check out my dear friend Donna Alward’s website.

For four weeks, ending on the 29th, she’s posting a free sweet-romantic online read called The Mistletoe Memoirs on her site. (Scroll down a little, you’ll see it.) It’s a fantastic story about timing and what’s meant to be, and you’ll find yourself rooting for Jake and CC. I know I am. :)

So check out this talented Samhain and Harlequin Mills & Boon author. You’ll be glad you did!

As for me, I’m going to go fall into my bed because I am sofreakingtiredIthinkIamgoingtodie… Catch you on the flip side!

Kris and Doug come out

Saturday, August 26th, 2006

Walnut here, AKA Doug. I debated long and hard whether to write some insipid post about Kris — you know, how we met through Kate or Smart Bitches or something, how we became blogging buds *yawn* oh effing kill me now — or to tell the truth.

In the end, the truth won out.

I know in my heart sometimes it’s better to lie. I know this. And yet I feel compelled to come clean, to my family, my friends, my readers. And to Kris. Dear, dear Kris.

Kris, it’s high time your pals met the real you. Sorry to out you without your permission, but I think it may be better for all of us in the long run.


Blame Kris!

Friday, August 25th, 2006

Howdy folks! The theme this week really seems to be…”What am I doing on Kris’s blog?”, which honestly, I really like as a theme. So, since you can’t see my name, I thought I’d introduce myself. Hiya, I’m Dee. And yup, I have to blame Kris.

See, once upon a time, I was a very newbie writer. Oh, I had alllll the signs of a beginner. I thought I was writing gold. I had no idea how publishing worked, much less the editorial offices of any publisher in the western world. And I was getting rejected sight unseen. I probably would have given up if not for two very important events.

1) I decided to send in a query with an excerpt, a query of my own special design, I might add.

2) Kris looked at said query and most likely with a bit of a grin (or a strong desire for vodka), requested the story.

And thus began my very strange trip into the world of submitting romances. Yes, Kris gave me encouragement. (Rather a lot like feeding a stray cat, the poor woman) This decision has begun not only a career, but a rather unique friendship.

See, once Kris took a look at one thing, well, I was like a tick. Or a bad penny. I kept sending her stuff. Not GOOD stuff, but definitely a steady stream of shite. And I began developing those usual newbie fantasies. Kris would look at my work and see possibility. Greatness. She’d base her career on the wonder that was ME! Oh, and we’d be the best of friends! WOW!

Snort. Sometimes, it’s quite embarassing to remember being new. But I was only 21. I was entitled to stupidity.

Still, it’s really quite funny that 8 years later, Kris actually IS my friend. (A really forgiving one, gads, if you could have seen my writing 8 years ago, OY!) And you know what? She actually did look at my work and see possibility where no one had before. And the really great thing about that? She had the same compassion and interest and kindness for a lot of folks. It does make me wonder how many careers she’s been a part of—and kept afloat—without once ever realizing. I mean, how many folks out there blame Kris for giving them hope and teaching them a bit about seeming professional when we’re totally not.

So yup, I totally blame Kris.

Then again, what are friends for?

Hope you’re having a great vacation, doll!