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And The Hunt Is On!

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Good morning, all!

For those following along, today marks the beginning of Night Owl Reviews’ SPRING FLING SCAVENGER HUNT! You can find a code hidden somewhere here on my site (I will put up the proper graphic to take you back to their site later today; I forgot to do this last night and I’m rushing out the door shortly. Ah, the joys. :P ).

If you hadn’t yet heard of NOR’s Hunt, click HERE for all the details! Tons of cool prizes are up for grabs!

The official start is a Noon (PST), so good luck! And if you have a second, leave me a note to say hi! (Comments are moderated, so don’t panic if what you said doesn’t show up right away.)

Have a great day, all! And see if you can catch all those wascally wabbits! ;)

Not Tonight, Dear…

Monday, March 28th, 2011

…I have a headache.

Really, I do. It feels like someone’s pressing a ping-pong ball into my right temple. Not excruciatingly painful, but uncomfortable nonetheless.


Why is March almost over? Where did it go? I tell you, this parenting thing takes up a whole lot of one’s time. They should have mentioned that in the manual.


Well. I *am* going to bed shortly, but I did want to let you know that you should come back on April first, especially if you like free stuff. I’ll have some news for you, so see you then!

(And neither will you be a fool, nor will it be a trick! I promise!)


The Winnah!

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

We here at Starr Enterprises are pleased to have joined the twenty-first century for this contest. B.E., resident science geek, has used a Mersenne Twister Random Number Generator (don’t ask, I couldn’t explain it to you even if I tried) to come up with our latest contest winner!

And the winner of the book and candy is….


It’s Not Just Me

Monday, August 17th, 2009

My buddy Kate Rothwell is also having a contest! Hers includes an actual gift certificate, too! Go check it out, ok?

Hiya gang — I’m sorry I’ve been absent again, but I wanted to keep the contest post highly visible. Besides that, we’ve been oot and aboot, as we Canucks supposedly say! I have a living room/dining room full of new IKEA furniture, and I once again have a step-Offspring temporarily under our roof.

And that’s not even going into the story about the Offspring and our wee ride to the hospital in an ambulance.

Not a fun Sunday.

(She is fine, nothing major. Just a wee panicked moment, and paramedics who thought it best to be thorough and get her officially checked out. It’s all good.)

Anyhoo. I am too pooped to peep, as they say, so I’m outta here. See you guys later, ok?


Thursday, August 13th, 2009

In celebration of the release of Sweet Tart, I’m holding a contest!

The prize consists of a autographed print copy of Shrink Wrap, the uber-fun trilogy written by myself, Summer Devon and Lyn Cash, as well as a whole whack-load of… you guessed it… candy! (*Basket and flowers not included, sorry! :) )
You get a mix of fun-size packages of Skittles, Sour Skittles, Starburst, and Starburst Sweet or Sour?, thirty-five of them in all! (Please note I cannot guarantee peanut-free products. If there is any question and you are the prizewinner, please do not consume!)

So — the RULES.

  1. Post a comment on this blog entry with the words “I want candy!”
  2. Positively promoting this contest on your own blog or other internet space gives you another entry into the contest for each separate promotion. Simply post links to each different place in the comment tail for me to check.
  3. The contest closes at 11:59 PM, Eastern time, Wednesday, August 19, 2009.
  4. The winner will be chosen by random draw on Thursday, August 20, 2009.
  5. Please, one post per person, unless you are promoting the contest elsewhere.

Thanks! And Good Luck!! :)

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

I know I’m not the only one with bated breath… I wish I knew exactly when Ellora’s Cave releases the new titles. I’ve just checked again, and as of this writing (9:30 Eastern time), the new releases are not yet live.

Anyhoo. I will keep checking back and will let you all know the moment SWEET TART is available for purchase!

Not only that — come back later for a contest announcement!! Whee!! :)


Friday, March 14th, 2008

(Yes, that’s a real word. I said so.)

Stumbled across this site — very cool cooking tips and recipes, plus he’s giving away an iPod… Go check it out!

* * *

Did you all hear that the last Harry Potter movie — Deathly Hallows — is being split into two movies?!? I think it’s great, in that they’ll be able to fit more of the actual story into the films… but at the same time, it’s quite the cash grab, innit? Hmm….

* * *

I rented Across the Universe and Neverwas today (I hope I’ll have time to watch both before they need to be returned… :P ) I’m already excited about AtU (I’ve heard good things about it), but I’d never even heard of Neverwas — it was a random pick off the shelf — so we’ll see. The plotline is intriguing, and I’m very forgiving when it comes to movies, so I’m confident it’ll be a good use of two hours. (Er…two hours alone, that is. Heh.)

Well, folks, that’s about all I’ve got at the moment. We hit a lovely high of +5C today — the snow was melting! — and I hung my comforter and blankets outside to freshen, so now I’ve got to go rescue them, and figure out what I’m going to make for supper. Catch you all on the flip side, gang!

You Gotta Know When To Hold ‘Em…

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

I’m not much of a gambler. Most of the time, to me, it seems like a waste of money because I rarely ever win anything.

However, for Christmas, Clan Starr tends to throw those lotto “scratch” tickets into everyone’s stockings. They’re fun, and an entertaining way to pass a few minutes, right?

Well, I scratched one of my tickets, counted up my answers and realized I’d won fifty bucks! W00T! Merry Christmas to me! :)

So I put the ticket aside, and promptly forgot about it.

Until today, when I picked it up and looked at it again.

Seems I miscalculated, if I’m reading the thing correctly — I didn’t win fifty bucks, I won one hundred smackeroos!

YOWZA! It’s all about the Benjamin, baby! (Well, okay, it *would* be, if I were ‘Merican…)

I’ll have to go cash it in tomorrow or Friday. Now the only question that remains is, what should I do with my newfound wealth…?? :D

And The Winnahs…

Friday, September 28th, 2007

I hadn’t forgotten, folks!

The winner’s of Kris’ Blogiversary / etc. / etc. contest are…:

Third prize - Autographed book and deck of playing cards……Tammy!

Second prize - Pedicure kit…..Rob!


First prize - Set of videos…..Doug!

Congrats, gang! I’ll be getting your prizes out to you ASAP!

Stay tuned, Gentle Readers, because there’ll be more contests in the future! Thanks to everyone for playing along!


Monday, August 20th, 2007

And the winner of the “sign up for the newsletter” contest is…

Donna! W000T!

Donna’s won herself a funky deck of Ellora’s Cave playing cards!

Your prize will be in the mail shortly, D!

Now for the rest of you — not to worry! Now that I’ve got the photo-uploading and photo-posting thing somewhat under control, I’ll be holding my “blogiversary / end of summer / WhateverTF you wanna call it now” Super Contest very, very shortly! So stay tuned!