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Yes, It Means What You Think It Means

Friday, June 26th, 2015

The definition of summer fun:

Enjoying a delicious bowl of sweet, fresh cherries.

And then practicing tying the stems into knots with one’s tongue.


Don’t Drink And Blog

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Bacardi Breezers - Tropical Orange Smoothie flavour are awesome.

That is all I have to say.

(Yeah, I know they taste like soda pop — that’s why I like them. I prefer my alcohol to *not* taste like alcohol. It’s much more enjoyable that way!

Okay, so apparently I had more to say. Not much, though.

Oh, and by the way, I hate mosquitoes with a living, breathing, seething passion. Damned bloodsucking bitches. Grr.)

Bacchus Would Be Proud

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

Much ado was to be had at the Starr household tonight. Several hours of cleaning took place today in preparation for company this evening. And what an evening it was! B.E. has definitely earned the “King of the Grill” title with our meal — steak, sausages and sticky BBQ-glazed chicken drumsticks, all impeccable — along with savoury grilled mixed veggies, coleslaw, a tangy bean salad and zippy green salad, followed by make-your-own ice cream sundaes for dessert.

Not to mention the adult beverages that flowed freely.

If I felt any more relaxed and satisfied, I’d be comatose. :D

Sometimes, gang, you just gotta do it all up right, right?

So tomorrow morning begins the week — I have two important tasks for the week: finish cleaning out the step-offspring’s bedroom for her impending visit, and start organizing our belongings for the upcoming Trek Into the Wilderness, aka the camping trip. Getting some writing done is on this list, too, dammit. I’ve *got* to get the shit out of my head and on screen.

Anyway. I will deal with that tomorrow. Tonight, I shall float along in my satiated haze. Good night. :)

A Resolution

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Yes, I know. I said I wasn’t going to make any of these.

(I did, right? I can’t remember now. Damned old age setting in…)

Anyway. It occurred to me last night, as I was pouring myself a glass of half water, half cranberry juice, that I haven’t been drinking enough (non-alcoholic) liquids lately. It’s probably why I’ve been feeling sluggish and fuzzy-headed. The problem is, though, I don’t like the taste of plain water. Adding fruit juice = adding calories, and using things like Crystal Light packages is not an option right now because of the aspartame and other chemicals and breastfeeding.

But regardless of all that, I really do need to make that change. That’s a rather important one.

Sorry this wasn’t that exciting of a post. I’m trying to make myself accountable to external sources.

And besides, you guys have the wet noodles for “just in case”… :D

No, No, No.

Monday, April 20th, 2009

I will not go into the kitchen and bite off the chocolate bunny’s ass.


Oh, who am I kidding?

In A Word…

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009


I…I just don’t know. Looking at this makes me feel…unclean, somehow.

Do people on this planet really eat like this??

(B.E. took this moment to remind me about the Cheez Whiz I added to last night’s Kraft Dinner, but I shall riposte by stating that my dinner included real things like vegetables. And ham. So there.)

ps. Hippo Bird-Dog to Rella! W00T! :) Twenty-nine and holding, eh, chiquita?

Tempt, Tempted, Tempting…

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

WHY in God’s name would people in this household bring home a “Club Size” box of powdered mini-doughnuts?!?

Don’t these people realize that I have no willpower whatsoever? I can’t just leave something like that sitting untouched on the kitchen counter! I am completely unable to walk away. Period.

That’s okay. I had some last night, and today I’m bringing the rest to the Orifice. I’ll let the workplace seagulls come and eat them all. (Just like I want to. But I. Shall. Not. WILL. NOT.)

*pant, pant*

I’m okay. I’ll survive. I think.

That’s the problem with these “seafood” diets… you see food, and you wanna eat it… :P

Inappropriate Edibles

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

Let me just start out by saying I love bananas. They’re probably one of my most favourite fruit in the world.

However, I don’t like the process of eating them in public. They’re just entirely too phallic for anyone’s good. I don’t need to feel like I’m deep-throating my lunch. Honestly.

(Now there you go — we’ll see how many random Google hits I’ll get with the phrase “deep-throat” on this blog.

Hi, Visitors! Stay a while! Read! Buy my books! Hehehe.)

I know. I’ve got nothing important to say at the moment, so I’m blogging about fruit. Yep. Almost time for me to hang up my keyboard…

So what about you? Any food foibles out there, o ye lurkers?

Sweeter Than Sugar

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

We went to check out a Sugarbush today. And while that might sound like something rather perverted, it isn’t. The sap has begun running in the maple trees now, and so maple syrup production is in full swing.

I got a good enough sugar hit to last me for a little while.

Well, at least it was good enough to help me write another chunk of story tonight. We’re on the downhill side now, gang, and it’s looking okay. (How’s *that* for optimism?!)

This week’s going to be busy, but I’ll try to keep you all posted on what’s transpiring.

Stay loose!

‘Tis The Season

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

…to party, party, party. In fact, I’ve got two back-to-back this Friday and Saturday!

Nothing like attempting to keep one’s weight and fitness levels in check when one is inundated with holiday parties, is there?

Don’t get me wrong — I love holiday parties. The food is always good, the drinks flow freely, and an awesome time is usually had by all.

However, it’s not a time to count calories. And you know what? Nor should it be. My belief is that I don’t eat like this the other 11 months and, oh, say, twenty-five days of the year, so why can’t I enjoy and indulge during holiday time?

Dammit, if I want another serving of crab dip, or another cheese puff, or more bacon-wrapped scallops (DROOOOOOL!), then you’d better believe I’m having more.

Life’s too short otherwise, folks. So bring on the eggnog. Make mine a double!