Yeah, I Know, Right?

September 19th, 2014


Fucking fucker.

I’m so… I. Can’t. Even.


*insert mass of frustration-laden, nonsensical gobbledygook here*

Eating An Elephant

September 7th, 2014

I’m thisclose >< to losing my mind over this chaotic mess of a house. Something’s gonna give very, very soon — and I can only hope it isn’t my sanity. I really don’t WANT it to be my sanity. :P

The problem is I’m too overwhelmed by the picture as a whole. I haven’t yet learned to break that picture down into smaller, more manageable chunks. Rome wasn’t built in a day, as they say, and to take that old saw further, order cannot be created in a day, either.

Small chunks!

One drawer at a time. One cupboard at a time. One box at a time. It has to be done this way, or it just won’t get done. I think the only preliminary work to be done is to set up a donate/sell/recycle/trash station somewhere in the house and each time a cupboard or drawer or box is cleaned out and sorted, any of the appropriate contents can be put in those containers.

I just need help reminding my brain that it CAN’T all be fixed in one day. It’s just not possible. This has to be a medium-range goal and it just can’t be anything else. Period. So today I think I will find some boxes or containers to set up said station, and then begin the seemingly unending task of sorting out life. Because I can’t deal, otherwise.


August 27th, 2014

You know that saying about being kind to people because you don’t know what battles they’re fighting?

It’s so beyond truth that it’s impossible to describe.

Even the person who claims to be the happiest alive has something internal going on, a demon — no matter how tiny — that must be caged.

I guess it’s how you deal with these things that matters most. You try not to become numb; you try to put one foot in front of the other. It’s easier for some than others.

But needing comfort and a tight, squeezy, full-bodied hug and not getting either doesn’t help.

Rock On, Baby. Rock On.

August 24th, 2014

I don’t know just how it happened.
I let down my guard.
Swore I’d never fall in love again.
And I fell hard.

Avicii - Addicted to You (Well, FFS. What is wrong with my wordpress right now? I can’t insert a link. Fucking fuckers. )





This Post Is NSFW Or For People With Sensitive Sensibilities

August 23rd, 2014

I wasn’t frustrated or angry earlier.

It came out of the blue. And now my insides are churning and I want to lash out at somebody. But I don’t have a target. No, wait, maybe I do. It’s the goddamn, fucking universe I’m really fucking pissed at.

Yeah, I’m having the good ol’ “why do good people suffer” combined with “why can’t the universe just CO-OPERATE and let people be happy” rant. Yes, I know. You’re going to give me that bullshit about people having to suffer and make sacrifices and be in situations where they’re not really happy because that’s just the way life is. And because we have to put on our big-girl panties sometimes and just SUCK IT UP, PRINCESS. Because we can’t always get what we want. (Thanks for that, Mick, ol’ boy.) Because our hearts and our heads just can’t fucking communicate sometimes. And yeah, it HURTS. It’s a metric shit-ton of hurt. Right now, I HATE being a mature, responsible, considerate grown up. It sucks fermented turquoise donkey balls.

Well, you know what? I’m choosing this particular moment to throw a temper tantrum. I want problems solved. I want easy, painless solutions. I want rainbows and unicorns and sparkly, fluffy, pink-and-purple fucking clouds from which iridescent, crystalline raindrops fall and coat everyone with happy fucking feel-good juice.


I’d kick something if I didn’t want to hurt my foot doing it. :P

And yes, I know. I get it. I’m not about to do anything stupid about anything, but I just needed to scream about it for a minute. Life will go on. The sun will come up tomorrow.

And I will shed a tear, and make yet another fruitless wish, and put a fucking smile on my face. Because that’s what has to be done.



August 22nd, 2014


Words, words, words.

A giant kerfuffle, humongous mish-mash, internal cosmic muddle. I think we sometimes need a release valve on our brains to let the words out. Reduce the pressure. Take away at least some of the confusing maelstrom whirling around in the otherwise seemingly vacuous space.

Words don’t make sense anyway. You can’t DO anything with words. You can’t fix anything. All you end up with is a frantic spate of verbal (or written, I suppose) diarrhea that doesn’t really mean what you want it to mean in the first place. Who really listens to words? Properly listens? And, hell, when what you want to hear isn’t even said to begin with. Faugh!

We need Vulcan mind-melds. Or that thing The Doctor does to read people’s minds. Yeah, that. There’s no way to hide from that. No way to have anything come out other than the blistering truth — whatever that may be.

I need a highway and a fast car and Maroon 5 blaring out of the speakers so loud you can feel the bass vibrate the seat beneath you.

Would that make the world better?

Hell, yes.

Are You My Conscience?

August 19th, 2014

I laugh at Dory’s line in Finding Nemo every time.

It’s a good thing we have these things, consciences, isn’t it? Usually — if they’re working properly — they help to keep us from making fools of ourselves by saying or doing things that we (probably) know we shouldn’t.

(Oh, I know — they usually encounter glitches between the ages of 13 and 19, but that has to be chalked up to *shudder* learning experiences and we just move on from there.)

I find that they create almost a physical sensation, particularly when one is trying desperately to *not* say something. Blurting out something you know you shouldn’t might feel good, almost like a release of tension, but the aftermath and consequences probably won’t be worth it to begin with.

No, scratch that. They *won’t* be worth it. Better to keep one’s mouth shut as tightly as possible and shove the feeling as far down as possible. Maybe so far that it won’t ever even escape. Hey, it might be a pipe dream, but just imagine if it could work…!

So this is me, shutting my mouth, sitting on my hands, and scrunching my eyes shut. Nope, nope, nope.

Not a word from me.

Pull The Trigger

August 6th, 2014

I have a question for you, ye mighty Nets of the Inter –

How do you avoid places and things and scents and tastes that are triggers for your memories?

Particularly when you are surrounded by them. Okay, maybe surrounded is too strong of a word, but when triggers rise up at you from around many a corner, how do you deal?

Other than the really simplified, impossible answer of “Move away.” (’Cause that ain’t gonna happen anytime soon.)

Locking oneself inside one’s house isn’t really an appropriate answer, either. Because, you know, reasons.

(Although, tangentally, it did occur to me that with the right set of circumstances, I could stay inside the house quite happily, like the introvert I am, until the solitude does wacky things to my brain. But I digress.)

Maybe I need a Sherlockian mind-map sort of thing, where I can file such easily-triggered memories away, to be retrieved at such time as I really want to experience them again. Sounds like an awfully appealing idea, if you ask me.

Just — For The Love Of Pete — Say No!

August 5th, 2014

I learned quite some time ago that I am a stress eater. (And to clarify, no, that does not mean I can eat stress. It means that my way of coping with stress is to shove calories down my gullet.)

Thankfully, the rest of the fam finished off the potato chips that were in the house. But there’s still ice cream and gummy bears waiting to be eaten. And I am trying my DAMNEDEST to stay away from the kitchen. Even though my tummy is rumbling and teasing me with thoughts of sugary dessert-type items.


I want to LOSE some weight, not GAIN more. *headdesk*

For now, I have won this battle. Because once I post this blog entry, I am going straight to bed. No detours through the kitchen. No more calories will be entering my body tonight.

Tomorrow, however, is another goddamned day. And while today’s battle is over, there’s still the war with which to contend.

Give me strength. :P

Darkness Falls Across The Land…

August 2nd, 2014

Nighttime is the worst, isn’t it? Left to your own devices, with only your thoughts to keep you company. Almost enough to make me wish that days were longer and nights were shorter.

Waiting and watching and thinking…

Not really the way to maintain one’s sanity.